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Our clients are primarily small to mid-size organizations or business units in West Michigan and the Greater Grand Rapids areas. We have and will make arrangements for other scenarios where it makes good business sense.

We can work with any organization or leader who is willing to take a good, hard look at where their strengths and weaknesses lie and put focus towards improvement. We love a good challenge and will whole heartedly partner with our clients.


If you're looking for an executive coach to help you accomplish your goals, Christa Bird is an excellent choice.  Christa is a smart business thinker.  She asks good questions and helps you form thoughtful answers. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Beth Kelly, Founder, HR Collaborative LLC

I enjoyed working with Christa at Chicago Tribune.  She supported the packaging department with dedication and enthusiasm and was able to impact individuals of all backgrounds, business levels and cultures.  She helped me grow as a leader through constructive conversations.  I consider Christa a great business partner would recommend her highly.  

Mike Owens
Operations Director, Tribune Company

Christa was an excellent business partner in her role as HR Leader for Yum! Brands.  When she arrived in the Denver market, Christa was able to quickly build relationships through her coaching.  She positively influenced me and our managers with her focus on our development and encouragement to consider our longer term careers with our everyday decisions.  One of Christa's greatest contributions was her willingness to provide feedback that a person didn't want to hear, but needed to hear, to be a better leader.  She was also an excellent example within our region of the power of providing recognition to those around her.  With her help, our region achieved the #1 Balance Scorecard award for the year.  I consider Christa a partner, a true professional, a person I would call on for advice and someone I would love to work with again. 

Trey Hornsby
Former VP Operations - Yum Brands
Currently Zoes Kitchen Franchisee, Kentucky

Christa has been a great coach for our organization, and remains an excellent resource for us.  She is able to quickly read the strengths and weaknesses in a leader and provide insightful feedback in a respectful manner.  Christa is a bright professional and I highly recommend her. 

Charlie Hall
President, Extruded Aluminum Corporation

Christa was a great promoter of recognition at YUM! Brand Foods. She understood that recognition should be personalized, creative and should consider the needs of the recipient.  More than anything, she encouraged those she coached to find opportunities to recognize others.

Tricia White
Head of Human Resources - Applebees
Former HR Coach - YUM! Brand Foods

Christa has provided critical feedback on our company culture and a road map to help us improve.  She has identified strengths and opportunities in our organization and challenges us to grow. 

Mary Nicholson
Head of Human Resources and Procurement
Autodie LLC

Christa is really good at knowing when a person needs and is ready to receive feedback and when to wait.  She has helped me manage perceptions and stay on track as a leader.  She is a very insightful performance management consultant, but is willing to do whatever projects we need done along the way.

David Darling
VP/COO Autodie LLC


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