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Company Culture Creation

Do your employees love coming to work? Do they feel motivated in your current work environment?

Not everyday is going to feel like a party, but overall happy employees tend to be productive employees. When you think of awesome company cultures...places you have read about or walked inside and wished you'd worked there...what do they feel like? What drives that energy and how can you translate that into something that makes sense for your business?

We can work together to analyze what you are measuring and rewarding in your current culture vs. what you would have to be measuring and rewarding in your ideal culture and then build a plan to make that change.

Changing a culture seems like an overwhelming task. But, in reality, it's like any other project - you break it into steps and stay the course. Together, we can move your business towards your ideal culture with a combination of vision, definition and persistence.

Employee Recognition

Providing recognition is a habit. Unfortunately, so is forgetting to provide recognition. Let us help you change your habit to one where you (and everyone in your business) recognizes the practices and behaviors that move your business forward. Along with the critical foundational step of alignment that we discuss in the performance management section, recognition (or lack thereof) is the main driver of company culture. We can help you define meaningful opportunities for recognizing your employees that will spread through your organization and will act as a primary motivational tool.


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